Dear Friends and Family

If you've found this site it means you got our "save the day" postcard. Official invitations are on the way but in the meantime please have a quick skim through the website. It'll save you a little time researching flights and accomodatioin and give you a taster of all BA has to offer in terms of restaurants, shopping and cultural attractions.

As we said on the postcard, we do appreciate that the run up to Christmas is a busy time for everyone but if there is any chance you have any holiday time available and would enjoy sharing our special day with us, we would be absolutely thrilled to see you there on Friday 9 December 2005 for the wedding and Thursday 8 December for a day on an Estancia (Ranch).

Lots of love

Jason and Sabina

As a bit of background, we first met back in December 2003 on a British Airways flight from Buenos Aires to London (we were sitting next to each other in row 28!). We swapped emails back then and met up for the first time when Sabina was in London earlier this year doing some law work experience at an Environmental Charity called "FIELD".

Needless to say, we fell for each other and the rest is history as they say!